Unusual Ideas tattoo

You do not have to remain so formal or normal with your tattoo choices. Instead of the obvious things like bells and rings why not look outside the box? There are plenty of things in this world that would seem lost without the other. The following ideas represent ideas that are more outside of the box:

Sandwich Tattoos

When we think about things that are lost without the other we can’t help but to think about peanut butter and jelly. Another sandwich that would also be lost is the fluffernutter which contains peanut butter with marshmallow fluff. This would make a unique tattoo if each of you were to get a tattoo of a jar of peanut butter and the other a tattoo of either a jar of fluff or jelly.

Lock and Key

There is a popular necklace that features a lock and a key and this same design can be transferred easily to a couples tattoo. One half of the couple can get the lock that is shaped like a heart and the other can get the key.

Split or Broken Hearts
Two Halves Equal One
Split hearts: Better known as a locket for best friends the two hearts as one can be made to be a tattoo. Each person gets one half of the heart placed in a location that when they are side to side it forms one heart.

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