LG-BD390 Wireless Blu-ray Player

With the LG-BD390, you will no longer get hit with late fees for returning your movies a day or two late. Are you tired of mailing back movies to Netflix? Forget that with LG-BD390's CinemaNow and Netflix features! Renting movies with the BD390 is as easy as connecting to the Internet. Have you ever tried to search for a good movie with your local cable or satellite television company? Talk about frustration! All you ever get are movies that have been out for years. Have you seen the price? $3.95 or more per movie! With Netflix and the BD390, you pay a low monthly subscription fee. Try Netflix on a free trial. If you like to pay a lot for a movie, LG has made available CinemaNow's pay-per-view HD movie content. But why pay so much when you can low cost movies through Netflix or free movies on Youtube??

With built in Wi-Fi, the BD390 actually thinks it's a computer! The LG BD390 network Blu-ray disk player is wireless, making lines between what is your home computer and home entertainment system very thin. Actually, it's just an extension of your computer computer! The BD390 allows you to stream movies to your HD TV through an wireless Ethernet connection. You can now stream YouTube and Netflix into your living room. How cool is that? With the tens of thousands of movies available through Netflix and other vendors, why would anyone want to rent a movie any more down at the local video store.

Do you have a huge movie collection on DVDs? Wondering what to do with them? Now you can take your old movies and DVDs and watch them on your new LG BD390. The quality will actually improve!

LG claims "Standard DVD Up-Scaling: Exceptional image quality from standard DVDs with 1080p up-scaling via HDMI output." This is a dream come true for old movie buffs like us.

I can still remember watching VHS movies and then switching over to DVDs. The difference was unbelievable! Fast forward 20 years- the difference is so dramatic that you cannot even think of going back to traditional DVDs on an LCD HD TV. If you really want to get the best possible picture, you may want to upgrade to an HD TV if you have not already done so. I know that many people enjoy being retro and still watch movies on an old CRT television.

The LG-BD390 ranks in the top 10 of all best selling blu-ray disc players. The BD390 is the only Blu-ray player in it's class that has wireless and the built in Netflix benefits.

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