Dect Phones - The best communication tool

Consumers can keep DECT phones at different places in the house. They are best for those people who work from home. One can communicate with friends, relatives, business associates, etc. for hours and can also take the handset with them to the garden, though the disadvantage is that they don't have a high range. Therefore, it can't be taken to certain places close to the base station. The range depends on the phone itself. Every model has a different range.

The previous technology in DECT phones was much better than the cordless phones. Moreover, their sound quality is far better and crystal clear as compared to the earlier used sets. The working technology is almost as same as the cordless ones, as it works from the base stations. The unique feature that differs them from cordless phones is that there can be more than one handset for a single base station. This feature is available in few DECT phone models only.

There is no comparison between the handsets used earlier and the handsets which are now coming in the market. The new ones are more stylish and good looking than the earlier ones. The earlier ones were more bulky and large in size. But now, very stylish models have come in the market which are very light and easy to carry, though the stylish ones are very expensive as compared to the regular ones because they have many more features as compared to them.

The next important feature which should be kept in mind before buying DECT Phones is the battery backup of the phone. As is in the case of mobile phones, the more expensive is the phone, better is the battery backup. A healthy battery backup would be one around 8 hours on use, and for around 100 hours if left unused.

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