LED Screens Proliferate the Event Scene

In earlier years, LED screens were only used during concerts and sports arenas. Now, they are being used anywhere and everywhere! Parties, clubs, rallies, recitals, concerts, races, the possibilities are endless. We have many repeat customers and are constantly receiving fantastic feedback such as, “You guys are great! What a great addition! The crowd loved it, as well as the sponsors! We’re hiring you for our next event!”

The reason jumbotrons are highly sought after is because it makes it much easier for the audience to feel closer to the show by watching the jumbotron - and sponsors love them! When there is a break in a show, the audience has something to hold their attention making for the perfect opportunity for your sponsor to advertise to the entire audience. They can use a DVD, a PowerPoint slide, or any other type of media. But, even if there are no breaks during a show or event, there are may other advertising techniques available.

We offer many ways to get your sponsor’s message out there. Strategically placed banners along side the screen work great as your audience will be spending a lot of time looking in that direction. We can also wrap the trailer. Rest assured, your sponsor will be noticed!

If you’re concerned about the weather having an effect on the screens, don’t be! Our mobile LED screens are fully enclosed and fully weather proof. They have seen the worst of Mother Nature. Please contact us for more information on the many ways a mobile LED screen can enhance your event!

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