Michael Jackson Tattoos to Memorialize Him

Michael Jackson tattoos are basically donned by people who are crazy fans of Michael Jackson and his music. Michael Jackson tattoos were very famous in the eighties and the early nineties. It has now started becoming popular once again after his untimely demise. People say that the reason why they put on these tattoos is to prove to the world that how much they love him and that he would be edged in their memories for ever. The tattoo salons flooded with people right after the death of Jackson. There are certain Jackson tattoos which are really famous. We will go through some of them:

These tattoos are basically in the form of his pictures, his music album covers, his signature moves, etc. They are

1. 'In his memory' tattoo:
These are tattoos which became very famous after Jackson's death, quite understandably so. If you look at the tattoos, they are basically similar to the writings which one could find on the cemetery of a dead person. It had his name, the years of his existence in this world and a loving quote for him.

2. His face tattoo:
These are tattoos which are basically the replication of his face, his moves from his album covers, etc. Most of the Michael Jackson fans opt for this kind of tattoo because it is recognizable and easier to understand.

Facts relating to the tattoos and people who are willing to get these tattoos:

1. There are tattoos which are temporary in nature and also permanent. It is better to have a temporary tattoo done because if at all for some reason you end up disliking the tattoo in the future, you can always make mends for it and get rid of the tattoo. Most of the people go for temporary ones and some very passionate tattoo lovers go for the permanent ink. In case of Michael Jackson tattoos, most of them, who went through the process of getting the tattoo, opted for the permanent ones as they wanted the memory of Michael Jackson to not only be edged in their memories but also on their skin.

2. There were lots of Jackson fans who did not understand why people engraved tattoos of legendary singers and stars and thought that it was a really foolish way to express admiration for another person. But when they experienced the sorrow caused by the death of Michael Jackson, they thought that there is no better way to express ones feeling and love for a celebrity than tattoos.

3. There were first timers for tattooing at the salons just right after Jackson's death. These were people who did not like to get tattoos done because they were not really interested and moreover they were slightly nervous and scared about the pain they would have to go through if they get that tattoo done. But after Jackson's demise, even these people came out and got their tattoos done even if they had to go through some amount of pain.

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