Star and Tribal Tattoo

Recently, it has come to my attention that star tattoos carries a certain popularity. It seems girls particularly enjoy them. Their delicate design, and various meanings have a real attraction for a lot of people and it appears it is becoming more of a modern trend.
If you look around on the internet you see more and more of these designs in various combinations of points and shapes. So what is the attraction?
I would argue it has a lot to with how each person envisions themselves. There are so many variations that can look different on every type of skin so one can really be original in this area. In addition the tribal genre of stars can be both ferocious and delicate at the same time. This offers an eclectic mix when combined with black ink. Quite attractive!
But it's important to point out that the star has always been very interrelated with ancient cultures. Every culture in the history of man has always admired the stars and the folklore surrounding them has always been considered valuable for man. So much so that beliefs about their influence in the destiny of man arose. Astrology then came into being. It studies the behaviour of man in association with star alignments and configurations. This is the most ancient form of "psychology" and is very much related to the tribal star symbolism. It was and is believed that the position of the stars and planets would exercise influence or have correlation with the characteristics of the personality, the important events of peoples lives, and even the physical characteristics of the people.
It is clear that the star also forms a big part of the religious symbols of the Christian, Jewish & Islamic religions and as well as many nations, as demonstrated by their country flags. Thus the continuing popularity.
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