best angel wing tattoo

Angel wing tattoos can be found in many shapes and sizes. Some span the entire area of people's back while others are small enough to fit nicely on your ankle. So how do you know what size to get? It's all about your personal preference. Some people just don't want an enormous tattoo covering their backs. Smaller angel wing tattoos are much easier to hide and some find them more attractive.

Full-bodied angel tattoo designs are just as or even more popular than angel wing tattoos. While the wings are cute and subtle, an entire angel can depict exactly what you want them to be thinking and feeling. The tattoo can portray a happy, peaceful angel or a protective guardian angel. Some illustrate a saddened fallen angel, while others represent adorable, cheery cherubs.
angel wing tattoo
angel wing tattoos
Any tattoo discussion about angel tattoo designs without mentioning the enchanting cherub angels would just be shameful. Everyone knows about Cupid: the cherub who brings love to all he comes across. There are loads of people who love his character and choose to get his likeness tattooed on themselves. Cherubs are normally jovial, crafty and chubby.

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